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Sounds produced using the soft palate further back on the roof of the mouth as the place of articulation.

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Does [t] become [g] due to anticipatory assimilation?

In this particular rule [t] -> [g]/_ V [+velar] (because of anticipatory assimilation) I'm unsure of how to actually write this in the most efficient way. I want to know that if [t] changes to [g] ...
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Can you see movements of your own velum as you articulate?

This questions concerns the velum for phonetics. I am trying to control my velum and especially to billow it or curve it like a dome, per the 3 minutes and 45 seconds juncture of this Youtube video. ...
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Are there Tai languages (or Tai-Kadai) which have a voiced velar stop phoneme?

Thai and Lao each have three series of stops, unvoiced unaspirated, aspirated, and voiced. For labials and alveolars, all three exist, but for velars there is no voiced stop. Is this the case for ...
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What would a bilabial or velar sibilant sound like?

I know that a non-sibilant velar /x/ and non-sibilant bilabial fricative /ɸ/ is possible, and that alveolar fricatives have both sibilant /s/ and non-sibilant /θ/ forms, so what would a sibilant form ...
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