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V-Bar Syntax in Latin

I am reading Devine and Stephens Latin Word Order, but without the requisite grounding in formal linguistics. They use the term V-bar syntax, and I am not sure what they mean by this and would like ...
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Copulas and the Split VP Hypothesis

Copulas are regarded as semantically vacuous auxiliaries merged in V, then raised to T. Lexical verbs are merged in V and are raised to v. I have not found any literature discussing the copula with ...
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Problem Parsing a Sentence

I am having trouble parsing a sentence that I read in Douglas Biber, Susan Conrad, Geoffrey Leech's Longman Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English (2002). The sentence is: He was surprised to ...
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can an object be outside the VP in the X-Bar theory?

everyone. I'm reading an article, and something makes me confused. In the article there is a sample sentence: (5) Mary hates sharks. Diesing claims that the object in (5) occupies a VP-external ...
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