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Is there a voiced-unvoiced pair for R or L in any language?

Voiced and unvoiced consonant pairs exist for /z/ and /s/, /g/ and /k/, /b/ and /p/, and many others. But I've never heard it for /ɹ/ or /l/. I think it's totally possible to use the vocal cords for ...
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Distinguishing inhalation and exhalation in Praat

How do I recognize and distinguish non linguistic inhaling and exhaling in the waveform or spectrogram? I can hear it in the signal but I want to write a script that recognizes inhalation and ...
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How can I recognize someone's voice from a spectrogram? A puzzler!

Let's say I record five friends, each individually. I label the recordings 1-5. All are the same gender and the same age-range. Now, I have another recording. I am not allowed to hear the recording. ...
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