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a set of words that display the same formal (linguistic) properties, especially their inflections and distribution.

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Is Riau Indonesian really monocategorial?

There have been plenty of publications (mostly by David Gil) discussing how Riau Indonesian is a unique language that lacks word categories. To me, this sounds huge: a truly unique language, no word ...
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Tests for determining NP status

What are the tests for determining whether a noun is part of a full NP or if it is simply a noun? I'm aware of tests for nounhood generally (plural, formation of an NP with a or the, modification by ...
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Across languages that have adjectives, what are the most common grammatical inflections for adjectives?

Not all languages have adjectives; some use adjectival nouns ("" instead of "red") and/or stative verbs ("" instead of "red"). Among languages that have adjectives, not all allow ...
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Are there other words that behave like "weather" in English?

I have been looking at how nouns behave with determiners and plurals and such. So things like mass, count, and collective nouns. One oddball that I have found is "weather", and I am wondering if there ...
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Find theme or topic by a set of words

Is there a way to find a common topic given a set of words? For example, by giving the words: blue, red, green, the common theme would be color, or from beef, hamburger, salad, sandwich I would get ...
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