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For question about wordnets, special linguistic resources providing semantic relations like synonomy and hyper-/hyponomy between words.

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Troponym vs hyponym vs hypernym

I came across following table in Jurafsky's book: Note that it calls noun subordinate as "hyponym" and verb subordinate as "troponym". But it names both noun superordinate and ...
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How relevant is WordNet nowadays?

How relevant is WordNet (both the original Princeton's and all other WordNets) as a tool for researchers now, decades later? Do researchers consider it valuable? And does the general research ...
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Data/Resource for adjectives related to nouns

I am looking for resource or some way(maybe using multiple resources) which can help me figure out which adjectives to use. For example: weight > 40 : heavier age > 40 : older I am not sure how to ...
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up-to-date french version of WordNet ready to use in ElasticSearch

I'm looking for a decent, up-to-date french version of WordNet ready to use in ElasticSearch. We already found Wolf and WoNeF but the format is not accepted by ElasticSearch. (We're using ES v2.4)
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On the programmatic creation of non-English 'syngraphs' for the purpose of lexicon study

I am a native English speaker. I have recently come to the conclusion that the main obstacle in my learning of foreign languages is always the study of the lexicon, which is vast and largely '...
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