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Similarities between Proto-Austronesian and Chinese?

First of all, Chinese is not an isolated language, but a member of the well-established Sino-Tibetan language family. Relationships beyond Sino-Tibetan aren't well established although the Tai-Kaddai ...
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Is Austronesian the closest relative to PIE?

Usually the most close relative to PIE among other Eurasiatic languages is considered Chukchi-Kamchadal family. You probably know this already, but the idea of a "Eurasiatic" language family isn't ...
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When was Proto-Austronesian spoken?

This map from Wikipedia assigns dates to the Austronesian expansion, and Proto-Austronesian on Taiwan dates back to before 3000 BC. The line below the map says that the dates are coming from ...
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Schwa vowel in indonesian

The Indonesian language has six vowel phonemes, /i/, /u/, /e/, /ə/, /o/, /a/, but only five vowel letters, <a>, <e>, <i>, <o>, <u>, the letter <e> stands for both /...
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Are there tribes speaking Indonesian?

Indonesian being the official language of Indonesia, it is widely spoken, so wherever you are you'd stand a better chance at being understood if you speak Indonesian than if you speak Batak. There is ...
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Austronesian Alignment

In most languages, there are (at least) two fundamental types of verbs. Transitive verbs require two nouns: Alice hits Bob. And intransitive verbs require one noun: Claire sings. When the verb ...
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