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How is the ability of sortal classifiers to form compound words in Chinese and other Sino-Tibetan languages?

Modern Standard Mandarin Chinese does indeed have a propensity for "noun-classifier" compounds (名量式复合词 míngliàng-shì fùhécí). This is a subject with some active research going on. According ...
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Differences in Naive Bayes Classifier NLTK, same code, different answers?

In the first case, you're training with the entire data set, then testing on different chunks of it. In the second case, you're training with chunks of the data set, then testing on the whole thing. ...
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Markers for size, shape etc. on number words in Japanese

The pon in 'ippon' is not actually a suffix (well, at least not according to the academic tradition of Russian japonology). It is [hon], a calque from Chinese classifier (aka a measure word) 本 [běn]. ...
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Heads, classifiers

The head of a phrase is "what" refers to the same entity the whole phrase refers to, so in your sentence 'the disturbance between the North and the South', that noun is indeed, disturbance. In 'the ...
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Classification of verbs by meaning?

To add to the lists John Lawler offered, here is another one, adapted by Wilson (1999:48) from Sutton and Walsh's (1979) fieldwork guide for Australia. This one would be a bit more general, with less ...
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NLP text classification approach for smart devices

Alexa is far less smart than we're led to believe. The real short answer to your question is: Those classifications are man-made, i.e. defined by developers. In Alexa, they're called a "Skill", and ...
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How to identify context independent (self-consistent) sentences?

I think that the problem mostly narrows down to the reference of NPs, since verbs, adjectives, adverbs and all kinds of function words, but also indefinite or quantified NPs like a car or all humans ...
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How to identify context independent (self-consistent) sentences?

Neither of your example sentences are entirely context-free. An AI might comment for each: 1) "I don't recall the experiment." 2) "I don't recall the task." Once you write a program that can ...
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