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Are there languages without non-finite verb forms at all?

Inuit (Greenlandic) My Greenlandic is rudimentary at best, but as far as I can recall from my uni classes many years back, Greenlandic (and I believe other Inuit) verbs have only finite forms. The ...
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Does the function of a clause belong to semantics or syntax?

In Pullum and Huddleston’s CGEL grammar, a clause is first a matter of syntax, second a matter of semantics. That is, it is a particular form that is observed in words and sentences, but which may ...
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What are the target and source domain of this metaphor

TARGET DOMAIN = arrows SOURCE DOMAIN = a (terminating) showering liquid arrows are a showering liquid: "the shower of arrows (was over)" - the past participle and termination here are in ...
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Finite/non-finite clauses

Nonfinite clause contains nonfinite verb form(s) and no finite verb form(s). However there seems to be no good, crosslinguistically universal definition of nonfinite verb form. (Current definition in ...
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