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Is the Polish preposition w a clitic?

Yes, "w" works as a clitic as it becomes part of the stress unit because it does not bear any accent. Even better example to demonstrate is Czech with its word initial accent - the proclitics that ...
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Concept of clitic

First of all, a note: not everyone believes in clitics! Some theories don't include them as a separate concept at all. But for those that do: The defining feature of a clitic, in most theories, is ...
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What is the difference between a phrasal affix, an affix, and a clitic?

The difference between an affix and a clitic is usually discussed in most textbooks on intro morphology. e.g. the textbook we used in grad school was Bauer 2003. Here's how he explains this. Even ...
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Concept of clitic

The exposition in Schøsler's paper is a bit difficult to relate to general theoretical linguistic concepts (it's a different theoretical perspective from most work on Scandinavian), but with a light ...
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Attached articles, are they clitics or endings?

Of course, the distinction between clitics and affixes is not accepted by all linguists. But for people who do find it meaningful, I have the impression that postposed definite articles are often ...
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