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What is unknown and key to understanding the structure of language is where the meanings of the sound combinations that called them morphemes come from. Because language is the common means of communication of all people, it must be easily accessible to all people. It may not be as difficult as the various researchers describe it. Another thing that is basic ...


Many modern Indo-Aryan languages use one of three forms of greeting: नमस्कार (namaskāra), नमस्ते (namaste), both from Sanskrit नमस् (namas) meaning obeisance, राम-राम (rāma-rāma) from the name of the deity राम (rāma)


Many greetings do not contain any health or peace. However, it is not clear to me what you are asking. Which languages do not have any greatings that contain an explicit mention of human health? Or languages that do no have any such greeting? (there will likely always be one, even if not commonly used) Or does just wishing having a good time count for you? ...

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