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Singular countable nouns that don't require determinatives?

These are called bare noun phrases and are of interest cross-linguistically in relation to languages in which noun phrases usually contain Determiners. With regard to English, there are a couple of ...
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On the use of possessive pronouns instead of definite articles in AmE

I will start answering to flush out the semantics described according to my sense of American English. In "1. I have to go now, my Uber driver has arrived," the possessive is normally ...
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Do any languages do without the word for "this" (or "that"), or treat them somehow as nouns/verbs/adjectives?

Do any languages completely do without a concept for "this" and "that"? The general concept behind "this" and "that" is called "deixis" (from the ...
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How to translate words like "the" to other languages?

Determiners (the standard term for words like "the") have long been a problem for formal semantics, which I think is what you're trying to do here—translate a sentence into some formalized, ...
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