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Is ending a sentence with a possessive considered informal?

Here are the number of times that each possessive pronoun appeared at the end of each sentence in the British National Corpus per million words: spoken fiction magazine newspaper non-...
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What is the difference between a discourse and a register?

A register is usually a concept of social usage and is a property of a word or a phrase (e. g. a colloquial register, a high register, a low register, etc). A register by itself is not communicative ...
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Difference between discourse analysis and pragmatics

Considering the example given in user3072's answer: Discourse Analysis: When we want to know that "what time" refers to what, it could be answered by discourse analysis. Only by looking at ...
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Do some communities prefer indirect discourses to direct discourses?

I think you're referring to what is known in social sciences as a high-context culture, a concept put forth by Edward Hall in the 1970s. Hall considered some cultures to be "lower-context", i.e. ...
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Single term for words that maintain dialogue cohesion

The words keeping up cohesion are called cohesive devices. Note that this term leaves their part-of-speech assignment untouched, a cohesive device can be a word of any kind of speech or even a phrase.
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By what can an anaphor be realized?

Note that there are 2 ways of defining anaphors; the narrower definition you're using refers back to an antecedent; the broader definition includes cataphors, which refer forward to a later word or ...
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Sociolinguistics VS Rhetoric

The following answer by Canary Wharf was posted to the closed cross-posted version of the question on Academia. I am posting it here to save it from deletion: Ph.D. student in sociolinguistics here. ...

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