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Does the Arabic word for ‘flock’ come from ‘booty’, or is it the other way round?

الغَنَمُ and sheep are not equal Strictly speaking: غَنَم or الغَنَمُ ((al-)ghanam) doesn't have a singular of the same root. Since it is used to describe a herd of either goats and sheep (caprini/...
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Are there any Latin and (ancient) Hebrew words with common origins?

Another probable example is the word for napkin (and later for map) in Latin, which is mappa. It is exactly the word in Hebrew for table cloth and for map, and we believe both originated from the ...
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Where Does the 'fi' in 'Authentication' Come From in East Slavic Languages?

That exact variation started in the West and spread East. Latinate internationalisms like this generally went from French into German, and then from into those languages of the East, under some ...
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