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Can one word form a phrase?

In Generative Syntax, specifically "X-bar theory", a phrase is (or was) defined as the "maximal projection" of a category feature. The idea is that a word which takes a complement ...
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Coreferentiality of relative pronoun and its antecedent explanation

This is a bit obfuscated in English, where we move relative pronouns to the front of their clauses, but consider what role the "whom" is playing in the sentence—it's the direct object of &...
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Defining an 'unexpressed antecedent'?

Linguistics does not use the terms "expressed antecedent" and "unexpressed antecedent", that is terminology of composition classes. However, we do deal with "co-reference"...
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What does this quote by Chomsky mean?

I suppose the first question is, what do you mean by "mean"? I assume you are asking about his communicative intent in the text, which part of a talk given at Loyola University (Chicago), ...
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