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Is there a theory challenging the "strict" distinction between Thai and Vietnamese?

There is a theory, applicable to all human languages, that is even encoded in what certain words mean in linguistics. Namely, "related" is taken to be a claim about genetic (historical) relations ...
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Is there is a theory according to which both West Asian and East Asian form a sprachbund?

There isn't such a theory. For starters, a sprachbund only occurs through contact, and so it's unlikely to have a sprachbund broken up by South or Central Asia. Second of all, the different types of ...
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Modern Thai writing system and modern Khmer writing system and the sharing of Non-Sanskrit symbols

The symbols the Thai and Khmer scripts share but which are not used in Classical Sanskrit are few. They are these: Consonant: Khmer ឡ [lɑː] and Thai ฬ [ḷa]. This symbol is used in Pali and Vedic ...
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Modern Khmer and modern Vietnamese genetic proximity

In speaking of a comparison of vocabularies between the languages, one may refer to the Swadesh list, which is a commonly used compilation of vocabulary items used for quantifying the relations ...
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Does Vietnamese mười reflects the Thai/Lao/Khmer uu sound?

Short answer The Thai vowel อู is a high, back, rounded vowel. The corresponding Lao vowel is very similar and for the Khmer one I can’t comment. The first element of the Vietnamese diphthong in ...
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Language identification

No, it's not Thai. I'm almost sure the script is Javanese, but it's upside-down in your picture. The language is not necessarily Javanese, because the script is used for several languages; check out ...
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Regex for segmentation as sentences for Thai, Khmer, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional and Amharic languages

Here's one for Japanese to get you started: [^!?。]*[!?。] You didn't specify a language, but here's a Python implementation for reference: import nltk text = "奥行きも幅も数百メートル、最深85メートルの巨大なすり鉢状の大穴が、...
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