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What make Latin and ancient Greek into different subgroups in the Indo-European family of languages?

Latin and Greek are similar enough to clearly be related languages, but they really aren't that similar. Just a few incompatible divergences that must have happened very early in their development: ...
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Most different language from Zulu

Unfortunately, the answer is going to be a many, many-way tie. There are a lot of language families in the world that our current methods just aren't strong enough to show any connection between. We ...
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Why didn't a single language predominate China, Japan, Korea?

Because there were neolithic agricultural speakers of extinct language families beside PST people, their technologies were even more advanced. Look at Hongshan, Dawenkou and Liangzhu cultures. Some ...
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How similar are Hebrew and Arabic?

They share a common ancestor, but "recent" is a bit of a stretch—they split about twice as long ago as Spanish and Italian (to take a random example), so the similarities between them are ...
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Most different language from Zulu

We typically assume that all languages are related at some point in history, so the question would be, what extant language has a common ancestor reaching maximally far back in history. One good ...
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Most different language from Zulu

We cannot really tell because we have no good distance measures for languages without demonstrated relationship. But most linguists believe, that the Khoisan languages form an outgroup to all other ...
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