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difference between the root, lemma and stem for a derived word

For your English example drivers The lemma is driver The stem is also driver The root is driv The whole thing is better explained in a language with more inflections, where things become interesting....
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What characteristics must word forms share to belong to a lexeme/lemma?

Do they need to have similar lexical semantics (derivationally related)? The word "writer" refers to the job and the word "write" refers to the action of said job. Do they share ...
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Why do "determining" and "determined" have different lemmas?

Questions of this flavour have been asked before, but usually from the theoretical linguistic perspective. See Stolen, part of speech, When analyzing a set of corpora, are there any standard ...
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Is it sensible to ask for the lemma of an adverb?

It's very sensible to me, as I, too, am trying to understand the relationship between lemmas and lexemes. In addition to what others have said about comparatives and superlatives, I believe regional ...
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