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Configurational assignment of accusative case?

Some X' theories have a layer above V that they call v ("little-v," because it was originally conceived for dealing with voice and valency), and claim that accusative case (and the agent) get case ...
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What is the nominal attribute in Milewski's typology?

"Attribute" and "predicate", when used in the same context, generally refer to two different syntactic ways of applying modifiers to a noun. "The white cat" is an ...
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Are all "Ergative Languages" split-ergative?

According to the most widely accepted analysis Sumerian was a fully ergative (not split ergative) language. This is argued (for example) by Edzard in his Sumerian grammar pp. 90 sqq.
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Do different alignments restrict what kind of word order a language can have?

Kashmiri is split ergative and word order matches ergativity: imperfective/accusative is SOV, perfective/ergative is SVO. Igbo is claimed here to be abstract ergative and SVO, but also acknowledges ...
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