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Are there any corpora of informal and unstructured text labelled for Named Entity Recognition?

For German language, there is the corpus NoSta-D containing non standard varieties of German including a chat corpus. It is hosted by the CLARIN-D centre at Tübingen.
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How to return only the person names who belong to a group?

You are looking for Knowledge Extraction, a task that goes far beyond Named Entity Recognition. It is an area of ongoing research, don't expect ready-made tools for this right now.
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named entities recognition using stanfordNERTagger

Well, no tool is perfect. It seems, that Stanford NER with the default model (no specific training) does not recognise Ram as a personal name and that is is also agnostic about course titles. You ...
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Stanford NER tagger

In an inline (choosen with slashTags) format, the /0 tag is necessary to denote everything that is not a named entity. You may find this superfluous on first sight, but when there are more layers of ...
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File structures for named entity recognition datasets

OK, there are only two basic flavours of such files "Inline", as you call it; it is also called "vertical" or "one word per line" or "one token by line" "Standoff", as you call it, also called "...
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Named Entity Recognition on Upper Case Text

You could try doing truecasing first. (There are various libs for that. You will probably need to add a few domain-specific fixes for your data too. And you should try smashing all case before ...
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Comprehensive list of NER labeling schemes with pros/cons

About the BIO or BIESO scheme, see http://cogcomp.cs.illinois.edu/papers/RatinovRo09.pdf
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