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Ontological status of syntactic transformations

As a minor technical correction, syntactic theories in the generative tradition do not involve transformations, they used to involve transformations, 50 years ago. Current generative syntax is very ...
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Are there ways to convey any type of knowledge from one language to another?

Yes, of course, it is possible as demonstrated by great wealth of translations all around the globe. Even difficult texts that introduce new cultural concepts are undertaken all the time, and they are ...
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Ontological status of syntactic transformations

The ontological status of theories of syntax is information, which is virtual. By virtual, I mean that information is a pattern that has to be carried out in some real-world thing, in order to exist, ...
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The Liar's Paradox : a linguistic perspective

The problem with "This sentence is false" is that it would seem to be a true sentence if and only if it is a false sentence. From this, we can infer that it is not a true sentence AND not a ...
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