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Does any living language contrast /kʷ/ and /kw/?

Just because a language contrasts two sounds, doesn't mean there should be minimal pairs (cf. English /h/ and /ŋ/). The IPA uses a plain w to symbolise the [w] sound (war) and a superscript ʷ for ...
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What are good sources for finding phoneme inventories for languages?

PHOIBLE is probably the best free source. Searching by language allows you to get a list of all distinct segments in the language's phonological inventory. It does not provide a detailed description ...
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Is there any site where I can find the list of natural languages that dont have a list of phonemes?

There is not such a site. Also, a site might have a list but a language doesn't have a list. Maybe you mean that the language has phonemes, which you could put in a list. All spoken languages have ...
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