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Signed languages, such as ASL, generally rely entirely on vision and not at all on sound. There are quite a few of them by this point and they're widely used among deaf people.


Metrical stress refers to a specific family of generative theories of stress, originating from a proposal by Liberman and Prince 1977. It has various technical characteristics as to what it claims "stress" is. Lexical stress or word stress refers to the language fact, not the theoretical analysis, and specifically refers to the fact about single ...


IPA is not designed for the precise description of phones (the infinite number of "sounds" referred in the question). It is designed to describe any possible phonemic (phonemes are analogous to the digital signals alluded in the question) contrast observed and described in the natural languages of the world. When a new phonemic contrast is ...


So the question can apparently be paraphrased as "Which regularly-used writing system uses more than 50 letters". Chinese clearly qualifies. Most logographic systems have fallen out of use. Japanese has multiple systems: there are lots of Chinese characters, and just over 50 kana, assuming that you don't count the dakuten (diacritics) and yōon, ...

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