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Schwa vowel in indonesian

The Indonesian language has six vowel phonemes, /i/, /u/, /e/, /É™/, /o/, /a/, but only five vowel letters, <a>, <e>, <i>, <o>, <u>, the letter <e> stands for both /...
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Is it not true that large phoneme inventories allow more syllables?

There's a similar problem with consonants. Oddly, I have issues pronouncing the voiced fricatives in certain environments. Such phones are rare, and in languages that have them like English they're ...
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How commonly are [u] and cardinal close-mid [o] allophones?

Cardinal IPA vowels and Finnish The first of the two somewhat distinct questions asked here hinges, I think, on the quality of the recordings provided, the speakers’ ability to produce cardinal IPA ...
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Is it possible for two words to have the same underlying representation but different surface forms?

Yes it is possible (with a major caveat). As an example, consider English an & Anne. In this instance, the two typically occur in distinct prosodic environments (as a proper noun, Anne typically ...
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