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What arguments support Alwin Kloekhorst's analysis of proto-indo-european phonemes?

The main evidence comes from Hittite (and to a lesser extent cuneiform Luwian). In essence, when the Hittites adapted the cuneiform writing system from the Akkadians, they thoroughly ignored the ...
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Are there any dialects of English which ⟨i⟩ in unstress syllable will be realized as [ɪ]?

Contrary to the assumptions apparently underlying your question, the variation in pronunciation of words beginning with di- (dilute, direct, dilemma, diverse, etc.) between /ɪ/ (which may further be ...
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Is it useful to render French /i y u/ and /j ɥ w/ as allophones?

/lu.ua/ (loup où ah) is not the same as /lu.a/ (loua). If you want to avoid /lwa/ for loi, you would want to use the non-syllabic diacritic: /lu̯a/ or a lower or upper tie bar /lo͜a/ /lo͡a/ to make ...
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