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Why does Proto-Indo-Aryan *ẓ seem to have different outcomes despite sharing the same phonological context?

The differentiation is not derivable from synchronic phonetic context, it comes from the root vs. suffix distinction, where root-final s,ṣ dissimilate to t,ṭ, for example vas 'dwell' → (future) vat-...
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What arguments support Alwin Kloekhorst's analysis of proto-indo-european phonemes?

The main evidence comes from Hittite (and to a lesser extent cuneiform Luwian). In essence, when the Hittites adapted the cuneiform writing system from the Akkadians, they thoroughly ignored the ...
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What are the different schools of PIE reconstruction?

I know that this question has remained unanswered for over four years, but I have decided to revive it considering that it's currently the unanswered question with the most upvotes here on Linguistics ...
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