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State of language in the hunter-gatherer era of Europe / Levant?

There is no controversy over the existence of the contemporary language faculty as recently as 40 Kya, though we should omit speculations about persistence of Neanderthals and their language capacity ...
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Apparent sound crespondences between Eurasian, Trans-New-Guinean, Pama-Nyungan and Burushaski

Below are my comments on the Eurasiatic data, and why I think @Anixx's forms are not Proto-Eurasiatic numerals. As I am not a specialist of Burushaski, Trans-New-Guinean, or Pama-Nyungan, I cannot ...
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Could the initial d- in the word for tongue be originally a prefix?

Unlikely. Almost all of the descendants of *dn̥ǵʰwéh₂s (a truly wonderful mess of diacritics, that) show a dental consonant at the beginning; the main ones that don't are Latin and Armenian, and both ...
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Could it be that the pronoun *eǵh₂om ("I") in PIE is not an innovation?

I think, it is generally believed that the word for "I" in PIE was an innovation The most usual opinion is that internal reconstruction of a proto language and reconstruction beyond a ...
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