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Are there semantically well-defined purely ternary+ relations?

Since you asked this on Linguistics and not Math, you may be interested in (neo-)Davidsonian event semantics. Before Davidson, a sentence like John hit Mary might be formalized as "hit(John, Mary)...
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Linguistic name for the change of meaning: 'apocalypse'in Greek New Testament meaning 'revelation' and the present use meaning 'catastrophy, etc

I'm not aware of any term for this sort of change specifically. A change from "a book talking about a thing" to "that thing itself" isn't very common, just because there aren't a ...
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What effect does the wrong T-V pronoun have on truth-value?

Short answer: None whatsover. Tu es allé au marché hier. Vous êtes allé au marché hier. Both can be true or false or either can. One is the French vous form aka polite form and the other is the tu ...
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What effect does the wrong T-V pronoun have on truth-value?

The choice of register (how respectful you're being) is generally considered a pragmatic matter, not a semantic one. In other words, it could potentially make an utterance infelicitous, but cannot ...
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