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Existing words already have meaning. The relationship between the word (form) and the meaning is conventional, and in learning a language (as a child or second language learner), you learn that relation. This is a very complicated topic, so will just say that "you learn" without going into all of the details of how you learn, but children learn ...


In my opinion, Either or means one of them is sufficient. Or only means both have to be taken into account.


Theta roles only apply to noun phrases, not to all verbal arguments. The phrase to sleep is not a noun phrase, so it doesn't have a theta role. (In some theoretical frameworks, that clause contains a "null subject" called PRO, which can be assigned a theta role; its theta role would then be the same as that of her in the next sentence.) In your ...


Sense is abstract conceptual content, essentially the dictionary definition and perhaps also involving aspects like what features the described concept has and how it is related to the meaning of other expressions such as synonymy, as opposed to reference, which is the concrete objects in the outside world comprised by the expression. E.g. the sense of the ...

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