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Type-logical grammars typically take verbs to be derived. It is quite standard to take transitive verbs to be typed VP/NP, ditransitives as (in terms of the Lambek calculus typing conventions) VP/NP/NP, prepositional transitives as VP/PP/NP, and so on, where VP itself is nothing more than an abbreviation for X\S, with X ranging over a set of types---all ...


If you’re using what I understand to be the ‘classic’ rhetorical terms, I think this is litotes: using a negative statement (‘not tall’) to convey an understated positive one (‘short’). This term is included on this Wikipedia page with many others: (As an aside, I want to note the structure of your ...


Natural Language in NLP refers to the linguistic material naturally occurring in a text, whether that is words, phrases, sentences, etc. Since NLP is not specific to a given language and not bound to one particular unit of language, I would go with it being uncountable. The Language in NLP is likely closest to definition 8 in the link you provided.

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