For questions about the convergence of formerly unrelated languages.

A sprachbund (German: [ˈʃpʁaːxbʊnt], "federation of languages") – also known as a linguistic area, area of linguistic convergence, diffusion area or language crossroads – is a group of languages that have common features resulting from geographical proximity and language contact.

Some sprachbünde have their own tags:

  • , a sprachbund covering Germanic, Romance, and Slavonic languages as well as Hungarian
  • , a sprachbund covering the Indo-Arian and Dravidian languages on the Indian subcontinent

Others include

  • the Balkan sparchbund comprising Albanian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Makedonian and their neighbouring languages
  • South-East Asia comprising Sinitic, Thai-Kadai, Miao–Yao, and Mon-Khmer languages.