One of the main reasons for positing a v layer separate from V is the behavior of ditransitive verbs. In particular, all the objects of a ditransitive verb seem to form a constituent of their own, separate from the verb: I gave (the books to Alice) and (the papers to Bob). This can be explained if we assume that V selects all its objects, and then a separate ...


I've always wondered about this tree too. In particular, I wondered why from Lloyds would be a complement. And so I asked Geoff Pullum, who replied that he thinks that salary doesn't take complements. In other words, it's a mistake.


Generative theories of syntax generally propose a few different "operations", which are invoked in various ways to build the tree. If you're a computationalist, you might prefer to call these "functions"; by convention, these operations are named with single capitalized words. The most basic of these operations is Merge, which attaches a ...

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