Some people in typography and grammatology use terms like Euroscript and acronyms like LCG (akin CJKV for sinograms). The L may be replaced by an R for roman and the order may be different, e.g. GRC since there is no canonical convention. Bicameral scripts would mostly cover these as well, because the distinction between uppercase and lowercase letters is ...


I've heard "Greek-derived alphabet", but this term would also apply to e.g. Gothic and Coptic.


We can trace the development of writing systems in family trees, just as we do for languages. The families of writing systems often don't have names though, so you could just say Greek-derived writing systems, Greek itself being developed from the Phoenician Alphabet. However as you are excluding many writing systems that also developed from Greek, what you'...


In German, there is the term griechischer Schriftenkreis probably coined by Hans Jensen and also used by Harald Haarmann. I am not aware of a canonical English translation of that term.


Did you ever notice that these marvelous particles i, e, të, së, which link postposed adjectives to their head nouns, are also used to form the postposed genitive construction. In both cases the choice of particle depends on the number, gender, and case of the preceding head noun. But it also brings up a huge question: how can you call the Albanian genitive ...

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