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Examples of ‘kangaroo etymologies’ that actually happened

But are there any known cases of this kind of thing really happening? "this thing" is far too broad. The general idea is Folk Etymology. The word itself is a neat example. Folk or German ...
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Examples of ‘kangaroo etymologies’ that actually happened

In French, the name for a certain type of window is le vasistas, almost certainly from German was ist das? ("what is that?"), inquiring about that particular type of window (which is far ...
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Is the head function also called nucleus, or is nucleus a subtype of head?

This is a purely terminological confusion. The diagram is supposed to convey that in some specific cases, a head is called a nucleus. But in the "Head" article, the word "nucleus" ...
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Contemporary words used in a cultural text set in another era

Anachronism. (This is not a specific word for what you mean, but definitely covers it).
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