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What is linguistics?

I think "The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language" by David Crystal is a good read in this respect. You can also look at this question and its answers for some more suggestions.
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Series of textbooks to learn semantics from beginners' to advanced level

Gamut is certainly a good entry point, but is already quite dated and not that mathematical. After Gamut I'd recommend Partee et al. 'Mathematical Methods in Linguistics', which gives you some ...
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Book suggestions for a concise introduction to computational linguistics?

Markus Dickinson, Chris Brew & Detmar Meurers (2013), Language and Computers, should be what you're looking for. A rather more extensive classic for a second textbook is Daniel Jurafsky & ...
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What is linguistics?

Teach yourself linguistics from the Teach yourself series is a good introduction for laymen. Another useful source is I-Language: An Introduction to Linguistics as Cognitive Science.
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How to learn syntax

That depends on what you think the next level is: what exactly do you want to know? I'm going to start with the most basic recommendation, Introduction to the Principles of Transformational Syntax by ...
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