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Is the study of triphthongs a must to master English phonology?

By "triphthongs" I assume you're referring to /eɪə, əʊə, aɪə, aʊə, ɔɪə/ found (or posited) in words like in layer, lower, fire, hour, lawyer for Standard Southern British English (or Received ...
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Does the southern pronunciation of Jenny have a triphthong in it?

Phonetically, I would say no. Here's a plot of this final vowel (taken from about 12.75 seconds into the linked video). It's not a great plot, since the recording quality I'm using isn't great, but ...
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Are Lana's "Yup!"s triphthongs?

It's not always trivial to decide whether to call a vowel a monophthong, a diphthong, or a triphthong. In the end, the answer usually depends on who's asking, who's answering, and why the question is ...
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What is an example of a language or dialect that contains triphthongs?

Portuguese certainly has triphtongs: Paraguai - /para'gwai/ luau - /lwaw/ Since the former is an import from Tupi-Guarani via Castillian, I would assume that Castillian has triphtogs too (I would ...
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What is an example of a language or dialect that contains triphthongs?

From Bernese German: [t͡siəu̯] 'goal' [kfyəu̯] 'feeling' [ʃtuə̯u̯] 'chair' [myəi̯] 'effort,struggle' Since OP asked for regular features: The ones ending in [u̯] are all results of a sound change ...
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