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Is IPA obsolete?
14 votes

The IPA is useful for what it is: an alphabetic writing system biased towards "major European languages" for performing certain analyses/comparisons/descriptions based essentially on the typographical ...

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How do linguists place the vowels of a language precisely on the vowel trapezoid?
9 votes

The Cardinal Vowel chart is a rough, impressionistic tool. Nobody is claiming that it is a precise measurement of the quality of a vowel but rather that it is "good enough" for the purposes of ...

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What's the best term for the group of concepts pertaining to verbs which includes tense, mood, and aspect?
Accepted answer
8 votes

You can call them "properties" or "characteristics" in everyday language, but these aren't linguistic terms that imply any particular framework/analysis. Depending on your analysis, "features" would ...

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If similar phonemes are pronounced the same, will this be difficult to understand for a native speaker?
2 votes

A partial answer to this is that it will probably depend on how native-like the speaker's pronunciation of other parts of the utterance are. So taking a very simplistic example with your two French ...

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Determining my native language
1 votes

Defining "native language" can be a complex issue. But for linguistic purposes, I think it's most useful to see it as this: in which language(s) can you make the types of linguistic ...

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