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I am an undergraduate linguistics major. I have an interest in phonetics (my primary field of study), African languages, Celtic languages, and constructed languages.

I have one paper published for phonetics, coauthored with my professor Dr. Ettien Koffi, on the merger of nasal vowels in midwestern-American dialects. I have also done research into the analysis and synthesis of speech sounds for preserving critically endangered indigenous languages using efficiently built text-to-speech software. I hope to continue this work for my graduate degree.

The work I have pioneered the most is my involvement in the Dothraki language learning community, where I have lead the community in my skill with the language, my presence in community projects, as well as administrative work on social medias. I have been learning the language for 4+ years and am among a handful of people capable of day to day conversation. I am the admin and owner of the Dothraki discord server, the Languages of Ice and Fire discord server, a moderator in the High Valyrian discord server, a moderator of the Dothraki subreddit, and an admin for the fan-run wikipedia, and the curator of David J. Peterson's Dothraki lexipedia. I consider myself to be a highly advanced speaker and keystone member of the community at large.

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