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Available for freelance work.

Please email [email protected]


  • Frontend Development - React, React Native, Vue, Vanilla JavaScript, CSS, Web Components
  • Mobile Development - React Native, Progressive Web Apps, Responsive Web Design
  • Backend Software Engineering - Node.js, Jest, PHP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Golang
  • Databases - MySQL, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Neo4j, DGraph
  • Cloud Technology - AWS, GCP
  • DevOps / Database Administration / Unix / Linux
  • Social Media Integration & APIs
  • Software Architecture and Design Patterns
  • Product Design
  • Web Integrations
  • Web SEO


Jolt Software Jolt is a business operations software which focuses mostly on task lists that can be completed by restaurant employees on both the web and on mobile devices. Joined Jolt after they received a round of funding and required seasoned developers to help them “cross the chasm.” Worked across several development teams to write reliable backend software that attracted and secured enterprise customers. Jolt is currently the #1 player in their category.

foreUP Golf Software foreUP is a web-based operations software for golf course managers and their employees. Contributed software experience in full-stack development to bring several new product designs to reality for the golf industry. Developed new modules, while also quickly improving upon existing products. Added experience across a range of technologies which allowed foreUP to continue to successfully bootstrap growth. foreUP product page

cmiUniverse cmiUniverse is a project management system and a suite of video and 3D editing tools for visual effects artists. Worked closely with talented visual effects artists and video instructors to design and implement an advanced media platform. Quickly programmed web modules for a portion of the cost of developing equivalent native software. View a demo video of cmiUniverse

Novelist Software Novelist is a web application that helps authors organize complex characters and plot with timelines. Developed the app from conceptual design to production reality. Built code pipelines, backend and database architectures, and frontend architectures. Insight obtained into the lean startup methodology, while experimenting with and seeking out customer feedback.




Created Video Training

Created Web App for Writers

Demo of Created App for VFX Artists

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