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The English language is a relative strength for me, and I'm often "offended" by what seem to me to be mistakes in written or spoken language in a way I believe is similar to the way my husband is "offended" by an out of tune string on a guitar.

Although I usually can't specifically define, certainly not with the appropriate jargon, the perceived language clunker, research tells me that when I think something is "out of tune" language-wise, it usually is.

While on the one hand, I wish I could experience the bliss of ignorance, on the other, I've always had a great affection for English and a strong desire to improve my grasp of it. Now, due to a notable health-related degradation, my previously slightly-greater-then-average-yet-unquestionably-less-than-stellar language skills need work. I'm thinking EL&U may be helpful.

EL&U has forced me to face up to my filthy procriptivist ways and I have begun the painful purging process.

Other than a bit of Brit speak symptomatic of a touch of Anglophilia, my non-English language skills consist of shaky pronunciations and vague comprehension of the following words and phrases: croissant, bon voyage, quiche, laissez les bons temps rouler, que pasa, hola, and hasta la vista, bambino.

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