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43 votes

Why did early Indo-European languages seem to be morphologically complex?

34 votes

What are the historical origins of terms for north, south, east and west?

21 votes

Monogenesis vs. Polygenesis

16 votes

Why does speech speed seem to vary between different languages?

15 votes

Which language was regularly written in the most alphabets?

13 votes

Are there languages that distinguish between inclusive and exclusive "or"?

10 votes

Are there any languages that mark nouns as mass?

7 votes

What is the origin of non-natural grammatical genders in Indo-European languages?

6 votes

Hierarchy of morphology, auxiliaries, and suppletion of verbal accidents?

6 votes

Is the very concept of the phoneme disputed?

3 votes

(Proto-)Uralic case and number morphology

2 votes

Etymology of basic numerals (number words)

1 vote

What word has the most valid meanings, across multiple different languages? (interlingual homographs)