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Hi, I am Katelyn, a native American English speaking student. I am not too skilled in my understanding of the ways of the language though I speak and write it quite well by ear and thought alone. I hope to change this though! I want to gain as thorough an understanding of grammar and usage as I can so that not only will I have a greater appreciation for my language but I can transfer that knowledge to my current studies in Japanese.

I am still fairly new to stack exchange and I try hard to follow the rules and not to make mistakes though sometimes I misjudge! If you have any feedback for me I would be appreciative to accept it. I would be most appreciative if the feedback given were polite but I am open to any constructive feedback. Thank you, and I hope that in the future I can be a bigger contributor to this stack exchange. Right now, I am the questioner but as I gain knowledge and experience with time I hope to help other users as they have helped me.

I will always do my best to be helpful and provide accurate knowledge based on my own research and experience though I am not 100% perfect. Inaccuracies on my part are never intentional! When I do become aware of mistakes I almost always end up expanding my own knowledge and understanding!😄

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