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For questions related to constructed languages that are designed to be a common language for speakers of slavonic languages. One of those languages is actually named Interslavic, but there are more of them.

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Using Polish-inspired z Digraphs for Czech, Slovak

Is it ever okay, i.e. where technical circumstances restrict the available character set (e.g. slugified URLs), to systematically substitute cz, dz, lz, nz, rz, sz, tz and zz for Czech and Slovak ...
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Why did the softness of the L in the OCS word "велми" reflect so unpredictably into today's languages?

The OCS word "велми", meaning "very" and surviving in several Slavic languages today, is quite a conundrum to me in terms of how it has reflected into the living languages of today....
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Slavic second palatalization

Why is the Slavic second palatalization took place before PIE *aj (Proto-Slavic *ě), but врагъ (vragŭ, enemy) / враѕи (vradzi, enemies), where vradzi is a PIE *ey (Proto-Slavic *i)?
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Are any of the 'interslavic' constructed languages actually intelligible with any natural slavic languages?

Long ago, I thought about learning Slovianski (one of a family of auxlangs meant for speakers of Slavic languages), purely because I thought it may give me the ability to understand (to some extent) ...
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