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'London in' or 'in London'? 'ed-learn' or 'learned'?

In English, ‘in London’ and 'learned’ are grammatically correct. Grammatical elements or forms are divided into two categories: grammatical or functional words like prepositions or auxiliary verbs in ...
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Is the head function also called nucleus, or is nucleus a subtype of head?

In this visual representation of syntactic functions from Wikipedia, nucleus is given as a subtype of head. But the Head article appears to treat the two terms as synonyms. The first sentence reads: ...
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All the ways you can describe a relationship outside of nouns/verbs/adjectives across languages (i.e. like with prepositions)? [closed]

Having dug more into prepositions, I learned they are often "function words" (as opposed to "lexical words", i.e. "content words"). However, in at least one paper I read (...
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Does the function of a clause belong to semantics or syntax?

In linguistics, is it correct that a clause is classified according to its function into declarative/statement, interrogative/question (yes-no, or content one), and imperative/request/command? Does ...
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Question about the application of skolem function in linguistics

I came across skolem function a lot when I read the literature. I have a hard time understanding the complicated interpretation online from Wikipedia An example can be given below: This procedure is ...
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