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Hand gesture - Patting

I apologize if the following question is off-topic on this site. Some time ago, I was sitting at a table in a cafeteria/canteen. A few tables away, I saw someone I knew. This person also saw me and ...
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Over generalization of high context and low context culture theory

I have found a weird theory stating that some countries, language groups and nationalities are more or less explicit about statements of conversations. It's called "high context and low context theory"...
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Is there a term generalizing a pragmatics utterance and a body or facial gesture?

What is called in pragmatics an utterance, and what is called a body gesture or a facial gesture, are all acts of communication. Is there any term in any context or discipline, that unites these ...
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Sign languages of non-mute people

Does anyone study the sign language of people that can actually speak/pronounce/utter words? What would you call such study and what would you call such subject? I mean, if a person can use both ...
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What does this juggling gesture usually mean? I notices not first time in chaotic context.. it seems people reproducing gesture have chaos
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Is the body language and hand movements manifested by a person as they speak part of that person's idiolect?

By this, I mean do a person's body language and hand gestures as they speak manifest in a consistent and observable way? I'm a person who speaks with my hands very much; if I'm not moving my hands ...
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