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Difference between sociolinguistics and anthropological linguistics?

What is the difference between sociolinguistics and anthropological linguistics? Is there more to it than the research methods (sociolinguistics being more survey and statistics focused, ...
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What is the 'best' language, and by what metrics, why those metrics...? [closed]

This is sort of the old question that you'd see whispered about a lot in Western academia, and shouted out by linguists of the past, who had their own circumstances, own canons, own less-connected (?) ...
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Which sub-field of linguistics does research into speech synthesis/recognition belong?

In my search for Master's programs, I'm looking to work on speech synthesis or speech recognition. I wonder what sub-discipline of linguistics I should be searching in. My first guess was ...
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Sign languages of non-mute people

Does anyone study the sign language of people that can actually speak/pronounce/utter words? What would you call such study and what would you call such subject? I mean, if a person can use both ...
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What's the best way to combine systemic functional grammar and historical linguistics?

What's the best way to combine SFL/SFG and historical linguistics? I've just thought of diachronic genre analysis as being an interesting area to explore, but my understanding is that that's got more ...
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