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Can the Croatian ‘future II’ be understood as a conditional future?

While reading Futur drugi u suvremenom hrvatskom jeziku. P Vuković. Jezik: časopis za kulturu hrvatskoga književnog jezika about the so-called ‘future II’ in modern Croatian, I came across this ...
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Could English fracture into a family in the future [closed]

I am curious about the future, and the English language. Could English turn into a family of languages, like American, British, and Indian which are related? This happened with Romance languages, and ...
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Example of a language with a future tense that's always required for future time reference

Are there any examples of languages where a dedicated future tense is always required when referring to events that take place in the future and using a non-future, present, or past tense is always ...
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If we disregard future tense for English, under which circumstances we could not?

Some linguists claim that English doesn't have a future tense, and some do for German as well. This opinion was voiced out here as well,as an answer to What is the present tense expressing future?. I ...
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Are there any languages with a plufuture for tense sequencing?

(I admit a Romance bias in asking this question, perhaps expressing what I'm looking for is quite common in other families) After answering a question recently on the Spanish SE on tense sequencing, ...
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In Latin protases, what's the different between the future and future perfect tenses?

In Latin, so-called "future more vivid" conditionals can take one of two tenses in the protasis: Future: Si aedificabis, venient "If you build it, they will come." Future perfect: Si aedificaveris, ...
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Imperfective aspect or Future tense?

There is a suffix in Kyrgyz and I am not sure whether it denotes future tense or imperfective aspect. Are there any tests which can help me to distinguish between imperfective aspect and future tense?
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How future tense was expressed in PIE?

It is known that PIE had no grammatical future tense. As such, I wonder how future events were expressed in PIE. Whether they used go-periphrasis, desiratives or a form of the root bheudh- (grow, ...
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