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Regex for segmentation as sentences for Thai, Khmer, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional and Amharic languages [closed]

I am processing text samples of the following languages: Thai Khmer Japanese Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional & Amharic I need the text samples to be segmented as sentences using a regex. ...
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Language identification [closed]

Does this appear to be Thai to you? The script is on a piece of pottery a friend of mine found in the U.S. Thanks
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Is there is a theory according to which both West Asian and East Asian form a sprachbund?

I have noticed that Southwest Asian Languages (SWAL) such as Arabic and Hebrew and Southeast Asian languages (SEAL) such as Thai and Vietnamese and maybe also others, tend to share usage of different ...
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Does Vietnamese mười reflects the Thai/Lao/Khmer uu sound?

When I was in Vietnam I tried to pronounce the word mười (10) with the Thai/Lao/Khmer uu sound: Thai: ◌ู Lao: Khmer (ou): ូ Khmer (uə): ួ I recognized that sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn'...
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Modern Khmer and modern Vietnamese genetic proximity

I know that Khmer and Vietnamese are considered genetically related (Austroasian language family) but I don't know what were and/or are significant commonalities to justify that consideration. I also ...
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Modern Thai writing system and modern Khmer writing system and the sharing of Non-Sanskrit symbols

I understand that both old and modern Khmer and old and modern Thai, effected one another and share lots of words or "roots" of words. For example Modern Thai words derived from Old Khmer ឆ្លាតor ...
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Is there a theory challenging the "strict" distinction between Thai and Vietnamese?

I understand Thai and Lao and all their dialects, and Vietnamese and all its dialects to be of totally different language evolutionary families (Tai Kra-Dai and Astroasiatic). I can speak and read ...
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Identify and possibly translate a sentence from a language similar to thai [closed]

I apologize for the unconventionality of the question, I'm trying to identifying the language in the sample, and possibly obtain a translation of what's written. I figured if there's a community in ...
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What is the orthography for each of these Khmer vowels?

I'm in Cambodia and trying to learn what I can of the Khmer language without a teacher. I've noticed some inconsistencies in the Wikipedia articles as I try to get better at both the writing system ...
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Why "Kampuchea" → "Cambodia"?

Many place names in English are anglicizations/transliterations of their native names. Of those, many place names in Asia seem to have undergone a change over the past few decades: they've gone from a ...
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