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Concept of clitics

Are there any differences between pronominal clitics and clitic pronouns? I wonder whether these two terms are interchangeable or not. Thanks.
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Concept of clitic

I am trying to understand the concept of clitics. In the paper, "Feature Analysis of Danish Pronominal Paradigms with a View to a Danish Application of the Pronominal Approach", it is stated ...
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Is the Polish preposition w a clitic?

The Polish preposition w roughly translates to Eng. in, even though the distribution is different, as it is usual for prepositions. I'll give two examples of the use of said preposition: (1) Narodowe ...
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Particles and Words Affixing Heads and Phrases

In Malay, there are quite a few words and particles that can affix or modify both heads and phrases. The interrogative suffix -kah is one of them. -Kah affixing heads Tidak-kah sakit kecederaan ...
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Attached articles, are they clitics or endings?

If we take a clitic as a part of word that is attached after the ending and attached to the word depending on the word order (examples include -'s in English and -que in Latin), what would be definite ...
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Where are clitics initially Merged in Italian?

I'm trying to port Cardinaletti & Shlonsky's analysis of Italian clitic placement1 to the Minimalist framework for a term paper. The course is based on Adger's textbook2 which mostly focuses on ...
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Do affixes and clitics belong to an own part of speech, part of sentence or another category ?

Birds, flowers, children belong to the part of speech of nouns, to fish, to pick, to play to verbs, swift, smelly, nice to adjectives those are the easy ones, what about clitics and affixes and such ...
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