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What is the Theta Role of "It" in "It seemed that ..."

To my understanding, it has none. Theta-roles are semantic concepts. But this "it" doesn't exist on the semantic level: it only appears because syntactically, English doesn't allow a verb without a ...
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Is v-spec Specific for agent? If so, How to Solve This Problem?

Andrew Radford (Radford 2004) discusses it on p. 351. Go is an unaccusative verb, which means, under Radford's analysis, that the subject originates in spec-VP, unlike in the case of transitive (...
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Are theta roles universal?

I believe that theta roles have to be considered universal or else they are a useless concept. By definition they have to do with the underlying meanings and relations in a statement. When it comes to ...
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a term for the type of ambi-transitive verb that can do away with an object

Transitivity is a hard concept to handle. Verbs like eat or drink seem like prototypic transitive verbs, but they occur in a lot of structures He ate. He ate too much. He ate for a long time. He ate ...
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a term for the type of ambi-transitive verb that can do away with an object

These can be called agentive ambitransitive verbs.
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Theta Criterion Violation

Let's start with standard GB theta theory. In your sentence "I saw the tall kid", "the tall kid" is an NP,1 with "kid" as the head. There is an AP here, as you suggest, but it consists of nothing but ...
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